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Blog Posts That Sell

Blog Posts That Sell

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Have you ever wondered why some blogs make money and some don't? There's thousands of blog posts on the subject but it comes down to one simple answer.

The blog posts.

How they're written, what they include, and what they don't include.

You don't need to be a writing expert to write effective blog posts that make you money. What you do need is a simple formula.

Over my time as a blogger I have made money with affiliate marketing, digital products, and even online coaching. It was my blog posts that sold each and every one of them. 

It is no question that social media is a huge part of blogging now. Having an active social media can help with traffic, sales, and building a community. But it is not the only option to make money.

You can make money right on your blog. With your blog posts.

When I started selling digital products I was terrified to sell on social media. I felt awkward and embarrassed and the idea of showing my face on camera put knots in my stomach. Even though I have gotten over my fear of selling on social media, I never let that hold me back from selling.

I sold my products on my blog, and in my blog posts, and started making sales right away.

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These sales were from my first couple weeks selling on my blog. I wasn't promoting on social media yet and all my sales came from my blog posts shared on Pinterest and people finding my blog on Google. Selling in your blog posts is so powerful because their life span is so much longer than the average social media post. People can discover them at any time and buy once they're written.

I have blog post that still make me money that I wrote over four years ago and in a time where there is so much pressure to create more and more content for each platform, this is incredible.

Blog Posts That Sell is an easy to follow step by step guide on how to write blog posts that make money over and over on repeat. 

What it Includes:

- Detailed guide on what to include in each post to build trust and authority with your audience 

- A blog audit check list to edit your own blog posts to make sure they are optimized to make money 

- Examples of how exactly to implement the strategy in an actual blog post no matter what niche you're in

Because of selling in my blog posts and the exact strategy I teach you in the guide I have made money in my sleep, on planes, eating dinner, and even when I had to put my business on hiatus due to my personal life. 

Your blog can make money. Even if you're a beginner. Even in 2023 where video content is everywhere. Even if you have a small audience.

And that's exactly what the guidebook will teach you to do.

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